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Baldur gate enhanced edition patch 4

baldur gate enhanced edition patch 4

The bottom panel interface has been improved, and the action bar has been given a level of transparency.
Other Features patch of Note: Custom Portraits now only require a large portrait, will scale and resize from resolutions up to 1024.
Externalized the effect and magnitude of weapons styles.An easy one-click switch between using two-handed (ranged) weapons and dual-wielding in a quick weapon slot.Graphical enhancements: enhanced toggles for greyscale on pause, sprite outlines, infravision.Shadowstep will not alert those around when looting Shadowdancer follows correct backstab progression Creatures will not disappear after patch loading Thieving hotkey always available for Cleric/Thieves enhanced Travel times between areas no longer inconsistent Fixed baldur patch guards disappearing during long battles Improved Dark Moon Monk's Chill Touch enhanced Improved. This classic saga of keygen mystery, intrigue, and adventure has set the standard for only Dungeons Dragons computer roleplaying games ever since.
Original soundtrack by Sam Hulick, functional, extensively tested cross-platform multiplayer on all supported platforms "Story Mode" difficulty setting to allow players runner to experience all of the story with runner none of the Game Over screens Baldur's Gate: Faces of Good and Evil.
Added ipv6 support, features, new character runner class: Shaman!
Externalized banter timer enhanced value, added Turn Undead level modifier opcode.The on-screen keyboard doesnt obscure the multiplayer password maze box any more.Good news for our Italian fans, patch.4 on iOS brings the Italian localization available on the desktop version of BG:EE to phones and tablets!Rasaad's kit changed to Sun Soul Monk.Four new player soundsets to customize your hero.Now its time to move onto Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition!Please read the new rules of conduct for the forums, and we hope you enjoy your stay!Shadowdancer can't be proficient with axes.

Game Patch:.2.0 10/31/2013, new Features, newly Enhanced User Interface.
Ml, don't forget to open that link again baldur gate enhanced edition patch 4 in a week (ETA on it is still not fully known) from now, it will have a full list of patch notes, designed for BG fans by our Team.