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Cable modem signal levels docsis 3.0

Ideally between 42 and 50dB.
Upstream to CM, uKHost4u Web server connection, upload time.
Upstream (Tx) Transmit Power level: This is the docsis amount of signal transmitted by the modem to reach the receiver in the cable company head-end.This is a problem in most levels homes and most common cause of internet disconnects.DD-WRT, router memory usage, used, total, router CPU usage.Netgear Cable Modems: How do I view the downstream and upstream power levels of my cable modem or modem router?Signal/Noise Ratio sNR, 30dB) - measure of how clear the signal.Signal levels on your home Cable Modem need to be at an cable optimal level for Cable modem to operate correctly.Otherwise, you might end up with lower speed/throughput, signal occasional or repeated disconnections, video buffering, higher latency, etc.256 QAM: 30 dB minimum.Best docsis.0 Xfinity voice Modem Router (Arris SVG2482 has Extended Upstream Power capability).Upstream docsis.1 ofdma channels: Blank since ISP has not enabled is any upstream ofdma channels.Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project.This is true for both the ".Downstream (Rx) Signal Levels: This is the amount of signal received by the modem from your ISP.These are generic recommended power levels *Recommended Upstream signal levels are 35 levels dBmV levels to 49 levels dBmV (docsis.1) *Recommended Upstream signal levels are 35 dBmV to 49 dBmV (docsis.0) However, Upstream power levels depend on number of upstream bonded channels and type of upstream. Advertising advertising, thank you for your participation!
On almost all the Cable Modems or full Cable Modem Routers, you can find your signal ipad level by logging into the modem diagnostic GUI page via http and word username/password (unless you have changed credentials pages on the device, default credentials should be located on label on the device.
Most ISPs use either 3 or advisor 4 bonded channels and are mostly 64-QAM.
Lower than -15 dBmV Higher than 15 dBmV are out of docsis.0 specifications and modems may not work at all or cause lot of problems.
What is a cable attenuator?We have taken an example screenshot of a netgear CM1000 docsis.1 Modem and shown what is good vs bad signals.It is always advisable book to choose a modem with extended upstream power count capability.Why do you need correct signal level on your modem?15 dB or higher recommended.Downstream Power: Downstream power is bit too high and ideally should be below 7dB.