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Mtv splitsvilla 8 episode 22

It was a big day for the contestants of MTV Splitsvilla.
The girl who is dumped leaves the show.
Girls/Princesses Name Notes Status Mandy Debbarma Winner Shatakshi Joshi Runner-up Subuhi Joshi 2nd Runner-up Priyanka Chauhan Dumped by the Splitsvillians splitsvilla Dumped Pari Sahni Dumped by Param Dumped Ruby Dahiya Dumped Peenaz Ahmed Dumped Priyanka Chandel Dumped by Nitin Dumped Purvee Singh Dumped by Param Dumped.
Start your free trial).It was all about who shared the strongest connection.The dream of Karishma-Zaan to win the show came to an end.In Seasons 10 and splitsvilla 11, ideal matches were given the power to rule over the villa and the formation of an ideal match lead episode to the dumping of a contestant.The boys were blindfolded and they had to reach their love just by listening to the directions given by them.Ritu Kochhar - Dumped by Vishal and Varun's friends.The toughest finale task awaits the two couples.The King and Queen lived in splitsvilla chambers in the villa.There would be splitsvilla two winners (two couples) of this splitsvilla task and that would be decided by the audiences.Since two contestants Ish and Viren broke this rule, they were eliminated.Boys Name Dumped By Notes Status Siddharth Bhardwaj Winner Winner Mohit Malhotra Runner Up Eliminated Paramvir Singh Siddharth 9th boy splitsvilla to be dumped Dumped Bhav Aman Singh Joanna 1st dumped, Re-entered in place of Meherzaan B Mazda, 8th boy to be dumped Dumped Varun Jhamb. 7th dumped by shots Ashish Dumped Ashish's Qabilah Girls Dumped by Notes Status Archana Choudhary Manish 1st, 2nd, 4th, saved 11th games episode's Queen.
The season of bubble Splitsvilla was amongst the shots most popular seasons.
It aired every Saturday at 7:00.m.
Seasons edit, season 1 edit, splitsvilla, season 1 was hosted by, rannvijay Singh.
Awarded as Master shots Mind of Splitsvilla 4 Winner Aakriti Bhamri Ashish 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th episode's Queen.Dumped Boys Boys Dumped By Notes Status Paras Chhabra Earlier dumped by Shivangini, came back and then paired with Akanksha to defeat Vroon and Jasmine in final Winner Vroon Sharma Coupled with Jasmine and lost to Paras and Akanksha in final Runner-up Nitin Chauhaan None.You can find out more- privacy policy cookie policy.The task of who will win the battle of love was the longest task of the season.Minakshi Khanduri - Dumped by girls.6th dumped by Sai Dumped Srishttii Gupta Manish 3rd episode's Queen.They had to fight in three rounds; the winner of two out of the three was to be declared the ultimate winner.8th dumped by Dushyant Dumped Dimple Chawla Ashish 1st, 2nd, 4th episode's Queen.All the three pairs grooved well but the two pair who headed tennis for the finale was Prince-Anuki and Utkarsh-Sana.Anubha - Dumped by Varun Annie Krislinzki - Dumped for betrayal Hoorzan Irani - Dumped by boys Aarti Thaokar - Dumped by boys Vani - Dumped by boys Simran Dhawan - Dumped by boys Richa Singh - Dumped by boys Akanksha - Dumped by Varun.(also read: MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 19: Ishaan Chhibber is back to the villa!).Vishal was challenged by Varun.(also read: MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 21: Prince-Anuki, Utkarsh-Sana and Zaan-Karishma are the finalists).The ideal match may also change due to changes in the dynamics of the villa.

The season finale aired on was won by Gurmeet Singh Rehal and mtv splitsvilla 8 episode 22 Kavya Khurana.
13th dumped by Manish Dumped Sohfi Dushyant 5th, 7th episode's Queen.
The finale aired on The final competition to win the title was between Vroon and Jasmine and Paras and Akanksha.