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Phoenix bios setup utility

Perhaps you are receiving bios or phoenix cmos error messages, or phoenix Beep Codes at startup.
If your computer is a new computer and you are unsure of what key to press when the computer is booting, try pressing and holding one or more keys on setup the keyboard.
When this function is enabled, if someone or something attempts to write to the boot sector or partition table of the hard drive, a warning message will appear on screen and an alarm will sound.
Well, there are basically 3 ways to clear a password: The most common is to open your computer and remove the lithium battery, wait a few seconds utility to clear the data from the well and put back cmos battery.Be aware that enabling this feature may result in problems with the computer waking up from Standby or Hibernate mode, or cause the computer to not shut down properly.Disable phoenix Floppy Drive Seek: Also called "Boot Up Floppy Seek." Most PCs have a bios setting to disable floppy drive seeking, which is the short access the bios makes to the floppy disk phoenix just before it boots the system.Disabling the seek speeds up the boot process by a couple of seconds.This will cause a stuck key error, which may allow bios you to enter the bios setup.Intel's overclocking assistant in the bios makes Overclocking even easier if tweaking for performance and the bios options are a little much.Current Power/CPU/System FAN Speed.If this setting is disabled, then booting to a floppy disk or CD-ROM will render the keyboard phoenix useless. Does your system take a game little too long to boot up?
Just a simple change of some of the key settings can make dramatic differences in how fast your system boots.
Perhaps you are receiving hardware related errors in Windows, or even experiencing periodic fifa Blue Screens in Windows.
How to Enter the bios or cmos Setup Screens We still get asked quite often how to enter the bios or cmos Setup screens.Then put the battery back, reconnect the power, and restart the.Try enabling this demand setting; this will cause the bios to skip avast some of the normal test routines that it performs at boot time, speeding up the boot process.Intel game (R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU, q66 @.40GHz, cPU Speeed.40GHz/1066MHz.Storage Configuration, system Information, item Specific Help, use the keys in the footer to navigate.IDE DMA transfer access.Therefore, it is still advisable for you to disable HDD.M.A.R.T.Your anti-virus program installed on your system will take care of the rest of the drive.Obviously, it is a very good idea to keep this option enabled in the bios.Remove the Boot Delay Setting: Some PC's have a bios setting that you can use to intentionally delay the boot-up of the PC by several seconds.You should enable it if you want to use.M.A.R.T.-aware utilities to monitor the hard disk's condition.One of the key things this does is causes the post to skip checking carbon all game of the extended memory for errors.