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Viewsonic g tablet games

You must tap on the orange alerts icon in the status bar to viewsonic see the download progress and then tap on the download's name to games install.
But do the unique features and the reasonable 399 price tag add up to a games compelling product?
Plus, Angry Birds wouldn't play; we just got a blank screen with sound.
Performance, before we installed the latest software update viewsonic from Viewsonic, everything we did in the Tap n Tap UI seemed sluggish, from switching apps to launching the browser to playing games.The camera app allows you to shoot photos or videos of yourself with the.3 megapixel front-facing lens, but since there's games no rear lens tablet and the app doesn't do video chat, it seems a little useless.On 23 December 2010, Viewsonic released a software update that allowed use of the standard Android interface.E-mail and Messaging, there's no Gmail application, but the built-in Tap lsquo;n Tap client allows you to add all kinds of e-mail accounts, from Gmail to POP3, imap, games and Exchange.With the update installed, apps opened relatively quickly and we were able to switch tasks without crashes or stuttering.Contents, hardware edit, the tablet is enclosed in a black plastic body and weighs a total of 700 g (1.55 lb).Unfortunately, there's no kickstand to prop up the device. If you're up for that, you can turn the G Tablet oswaal into a multiplayer better slate, but you shouldn't have to root a device just to make it usable.
The software tries way too hard to be cute, by having a wood paneled theme and showing you a giant stamped envelope droid when you open.
In the upper left corner is a Tap lsquo;n Tap logo that looks a little bit like the NBC peacock.
The only sound we heard was static.
Critical reception edit The tablet has received largely negative reviews since its release, mainly miui citing its poor performance on vertical viewing angles and poor user interface.
3, the SMB-A1002 model is manufactured by Malata which is the.
The tablet does not come with Android Market pre-installed and there is no Adobe Flash support out of the box despite having the.Sorry, no results found in the app catalog.Instead, the preloaded piggies software build includes a few mediocre apps with low-tech designs.The built-in accelerometer isn't as responsive as we liked; we sometimes had to shake the device to get it to detect its orientation and readjust.We also noticed that the G Tablet picked up lots of fingerprint smudges, more than the iPad.Even the fast Epic 4G managed buttons only.9.Viewsonic's 10-inch G Tablet is designed to compete with the Galaxy Tab and iPad for your gadget dollars.Unfortunately, the G Tablet does not support haptic feedback on the keyboard or anywhere else, so you won't feel any response when you tap the keys.Web pages looked solid and plenty of content was visible without zooming because of the screen's 1024 x 600 resolution.The, class viewSonic G Tablet is an, android -based tablet (slate) produced by, viewSonic.As stated above, the viewing angles were decent when the tablet was propped up, but there's no kickstand and everything washes out when you lay the device flat on its back.If you're looking for a media slate, either spend the extra money for the iPad or Galaxy Tab, or wait until better tablets ship.Value and Verdict The Viewsonic G Tablet has a few things going for.Bundled Apps, you won't find any of Google's apps on the G Tablet, so forget about Google serial Calendar, Google photo gallery, Gmail, YouTube, or Google Maps.